Garage Door Issues

Garage Door Issues

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Simple Ways of Fixing Garage Door Issues

Whether your garage door is a sectional panel or one complete piece, they all operate using tension coil springs and an electronic sensor. They all eventually malfunction due to extend amounts of usage. These malfunctions may come in the form of failing to open or close completely, loud noises, or even not functioning period. There’re a few simple ways to resolve these issues.Garage Door Repair

Door Sensor Issues

If the overhead garage door fails to work, check the sensors first. They are located on both sides of the door and also at the bottom. They have a tiny light on them, one is red and the other is green. These photo eyes are created to see the other at all times. If something breaks their line of sight this could prevent the door from operating, for safety reasons of course. Ensure that nothing is in the way. It is also helpful to clean them from dust and buildup that may occur due to weather conditions.

Door Off-Track

If the door abruptly fails to move, check the alignment. Because the photoelectric sensors supposed to see each other in order to function, a door that is not aligned will make this impossible. As mentioned previously, the door will not work if one sensor is not aligned with the other. To resolve this issue, simple adjust them until they are once again aligned. Afterwards, you garage door should work fine.

Fixing a Door That Doesn’t Reverse

Electronic garage doors are installed with a feature that caused them to stop and reverse in the event that it encounters an object in its pathway. The downward movement of the door is referred to as down-force. If the door does not reverse after hitting an object, simple adjust the down-force settings. You can find this out by placing a plank of wood on the floor in the path of the down-force, and then close the door. If it does not stop, lower the down-force on the control panel. Contact any garage door company in Bell Gardens for setting suggestions.

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