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Garage Door Springs Currently, there are two major types of garage door springs that are being utilized in garage doors these days. These are the extension springs and torsion springs. Homes have different garage door springs depending on how long ago the house was built and the type of garage door installed. Torsion springs are installed above the garage door and are wound up. This type offer more balance on the weight and provides smoother door opening and closing operation. The extension spring on the other hand is used mostly for garage doors with single stalls and they contract and expand as the door opens and closes. But you really do not have to worry about the mechanism because our professionals can take care of the details for you.

In Los Angeles County, a community with over 42,000 residents is a beautiful place called Bell Gardens with about 99% living in households that in one way or need assistance on their garage doors. Our local specialists on garage door spring are professionals when it comes to any type of spring repair and in replacing them in case the system doesn’t work anymore. All these are done with the safety of your family as the top priority.

Our professional Bell Garden garage door technicians are experts in the following

  •     replace garage door springs
  •     Professional repair or replace overhead door springs
  •     Quick garage door torsion spring replacement
  •     Effectively fix or replace galvanized garage door torsion springs
  •     Affordable repair or replacement of Oil Tempered garage door springs

Our company offer reliable service to address broken garage doors and faulty garage door springs. This is because we know that you trust us to do the job so you can get to enjoy the fruits of your labour without the worry of the safety of your home. We are available at anytime of the day so you do not have to worry of a faulty garage door. All you have to do is call and we will come right to your location and get the job done quickly without compromising quality and safety. This is something that we have perfected through experience time and intensive training. This is the reason why the people in Bell Gardens trust us for all garage door spring problems. We get it right the first time.

Do not be included in the number of people who got themselves injured by trying to fix the spring problems in their garage doors. Because instead of making it work, they tend to do more damage to the door itself and to their safety. This can be serious threat to one’s life especially if the person attempting to do the job is not skilled or professional. You should not underestimate the damage that it can cause. If you think that you get to save money this way, then you thought wrong, many has been fatally injured because of this. You will get to save money from repeat job and from medical care if you hire a professional from the start.

So call us today for all your garage door spring problems and we will solve it in no time.

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